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LLRA has established a professional Transitional Recovery Service utilizing Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counseling as well as Personal Recovery Assistant services to support the ongoing daily needs of living in recovery.

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  • Clients and families who need professional guidance and support getting an individual into a detox or residential treatment center.

  • Clients that have completed a residential treatment setting and are now transitioning into daily living.

  • Clients in the early phase of recovery and can benefit from utilizing the support of a guide and mentor.

  • Clients who have multiple treatment experiences with numerous relapses and need one-on-one at-home assistance to help acclimate to a recovery lifestyle and learn more about relapse prevention.

  • Clients who, due to circumstances, are unwilling or unable to extend their treatment stay and need alternatives to traditional methodologies.

  • Clients who have risky recovery environments and are vulnerable to career industry pitfalls such as living on the road, being on location, cocktail parties, or business travel.

  • High-profile clients, such as musicians, actors or athletes. Executive-level professionals such as attorneys, doctors, CEOs, and their spouses or family members.

  • Clients who need continued supervised structured support as they continue in their recovery process.

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